Many medical practices have begun Electronic Medical Record (EMR) programs to digitally store patient information and chartsÖgoing forward. But what about all the paper charts stored on shelves in the office? In many cases, only a relatively small percentage of these charts will ever need to be scanned into the EMR. Why pay for scanning that provides no value, but great cost?

Corporate Records Managementís Scan on Demand service provides a flexible approach to help you manage your organizationís paper records with low or unpredictable access requirements. We will index and store your practiceís charts in our secure records center. You can request a chart as you need it using our convenient online system. We will retrieve the requested file, scan it and deliver it to you electronically via upload, email, or you can retrieve it from our secure site. Using Corporate Records Managementís Scan on Demand service, you only pay for the images you use, so your practice will realize instant savings.

Corporate Records Managementís Scan on Demand services provide:

  • Secure storage of your organizationís paper records
  • Indexing of your charts for accurate retrieval
  • Online access to chart inventory for easy retrieval
  • 24/7/365 availability to retrieve charts
  • Access controls so only authorized individuals can request files
  • Efficient file retrieval that enables responsive patient care
  • Improved collaboration between healthcare professionals
  • Cost savings through removal of onsite records storage
  • Time savings in file retrievals
  • Fast implementation with minimal up-front costs

Very convenient. And compared to office space, very inexpensive.

Need us to box, label and index them? We do that.

Need faster delivery? Done! In as little as two hours. Or for really fast, we can pull a file, scan it and e-mail it in minutes.

Give us a call or fill out the form below to request a quote. If you would like us to email you a full pdf version of our Scan on Demand Brochure (front page shown above), click in the button below. Being woman-owned and operated, we will treat you like you deserve to be treated, and soon, you'll think us as just an extension to your office.

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